John Holmes – The End [LP]

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“These songs spawn some four years, and they were started with the intention of an album in mind but at the time I couldn’t finish the concept. There are so many emotions here, and they combine loneliness and sadness with my desire to just keep moving, hence the characteristic basslines and snares and claps that make me stop everything and just dance.

You could say that no artist is fool enough to name its first long playing album The End, but John Holmes is not your regular fool. Fusing his infatuation with deep and classic House, Disco and Italo with Classic Cinema is no job for the sane too.

The End combines a cinematic atmosphere with emotional melodies and hooks, where vibraphones, claps, flutes and assorted percussion marry together in an orgy of old-school genres that, without dropping the beat, create a beautiful landscape of feelings with pop sensibility that will make you stitch these songs to your heart. From the cinematic opener “Cheating Hearts” to the apocalyptic ending “The Conflict”, The End is a story of romance, melancholia, space voyages and wrong turns, where the atmosphere is always on the verge of exploding in a bed of tears & basslines.


Written & Produced by John Holmes in Portugal.