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John Holmes

  • @ May 31, 2013

It’s easy to be seduced by John Holmes. He doesn’t throw you a spell or sell his soul; uses only his heart to write & mix records that are so mysteriously kind and sexy that enchant you with the right groove that makes your body right.

His other alter ego makes films and writes words, a skill John Holmes uses when that bassline needs a little love: the stories that make his films make way into his music, weather at the club mixing records or in an isolated room composing songs.

He doesn’t need the latest 140 character capped quote to fulfil an eternity of grooves, he doesn’t need silicone artifacts or the loudest plugin, neither needs the instant gratification of this boring smarteverything era. A heart, a bassline and some emotion, in its most raw honesty, make the stories he creates to invite your dance.

John Holmes is a DJ and producer and also a videographer and writer. Runs his own music label Heartbreak Motel and is a freelancer with Sindicato.biz. Based in Lisbon, he occupies this earth’s time with music, cinema and words and invites you to do the same.

Started as a VJ in 2004, having worked with Dub Video Connection or by himself, creating visuals for bands or completely solo. Started mixing records in 2007 and in 2013, fed up with the inability to release his music, started Heartbreak Motel where he released his first single “Telephone” and his first long-playing album: “The End”.

2013 also saw the release of his short film noir, “Amelia”, written, directed and shot by himself.