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John Holmes – Telephone [Single]

John Holmes – Telephone [Single]

  • @ May 31, 2013

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I was actually going for a re-edit of Tiziana Rivale’s supberb slow italo heartache but when I finished the first draft I realised that I had actually transformed it into a kind of italo meets chicago deal. and it was ten minutes long, I just kept going, those chorus chords really had a profound effect on me.

Telephone is the first single from the forthcoming long playing debut album from John Holmes, The End. What started as a re-edit/version of the 2009 late-italo song composed by Tiziana Rivale and Luigi Piergiovanni turned out to be an almost ten minute long journey that starts with the plastic synths and epic strings that made Italo and Disco so famous and ends going deeper and deeper into Chicago House territory, growing up to a monumental Rhodes solo. Telephone never seems to end.

On the flipside, Natural Honey continues the deep house tradition that John Holmes so carefully embraces. The main chords sweep up and down, aided by the old school bassline that keeps the foundation as solid as it was back in the day. The track quickly builds up by the time the snare pops in its full glory, and the breakdowns create goosebumps that make Natural Honey perfect dancefloor material, that raw emotional House John Holmes so deeply believes is in its full effect here.

All tracks written, performed and produced by John Holmes.

“Telephone” was inspired by L. Piergiovanni and T. Rivale’s song.

Telephone will be released 9th of September trough Bandcamp and Undenied.